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Our College Guidance Team
Rafael Figueroa
Dean and Faculty

Dean Jacoby
Director and Faculty

Donna White
Associate Director and Faculty

Mauree Thordahl
College Guidance Coordinator and Faculty
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Student Life

College Guidance

Academy graduates continue their education in many top-tier universities and other institutions around the country. In the recent past, approximately 150 graduates each year have enrolled in more than 70 different institutions in the US and Canada. Typically, the amount of non-need-based scholarship funding that these institutions offer a graduating class averages $8 million.

Full-time college advisers supervise a thorough plan of guidance, including:
  • Identifying suitable colleges
  • Managing the application process (including taking appropriate standardized tests)
  • Applying for need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships
Students undertake the main work of researching, choosing, and applying to their top-choice colleges. Parents also stay involved in the process during their students' years at the Academy through an ongoing program of annual College Guidance presentations on admission, financial aid, financial planning, and course selection, as well as family sessions with the college advisers.

Students and parents may find more information on college guidance by logging in to the community pages.
Our Students' College Choices
Classes of 2010-2013
Almost all Academy graduates enroll in four-year colleges immediately after graduation. Follow-up studies indicate that, on average, Academy graduates earn higher academic averages as college freshmen than they did as Academy students. The classes of 2010–2013 have matriculated at the following colleges and universities.
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Helpful Links

The college guidance office has selected Family Connection, a comprehensive web site powered by Naviance, to assist in managing the college process. Students and parents can use this site as a tool in planning for the future. Students are encouraged to utilize the Naviance web site throughout their high school years.


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