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Congratulations Science Olympiad Teams!

High school team takes 1st place; middle school team takes 2nd.

Albuquerque Academy high school (Division C) and middle school (Division B) teams placed first and second, respectively, at the New Mexico Science Olympiad State Tournament held on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at New Mexico Tech. The high school team now advances to the national tournament in May — for a tenth consecutive year! Of historic note, the high school team has won the state tournament and advanced to nationals 23 times out of 25 competitions.

This year, each Science Olympiad team competed in twenty-three events ranging from Astronomy to Water Quality. Some events required answering a test, others required gathering data and making conclusions or demonstrating devices that team members had previously built (i.e., musical instruments, rubber band-powered helicopters, trebuchets, and balsa wood towers capable of holding 1,500 times their own weight). The middle school team had an average placing of 5th in the twenty-three events, bringing home six 3rd places, three 2nd places, and one 1st place. The high school team had an average placing of 2.87, finishing 3rd in three events, 2nd in nine events, and 1st in four events.

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team members listed below:

Middle School: Jesse Bao '15, Matthew Blumenschein '16, Judy Choi '16, Colin Finnegan '18, Kathryn Howe '15, Brian Kelley '15, Anokhi Kholwadwala '18, Prachi Kholwadwala '17, Suraj Kholwadwala '18, Jenna Lin '16, Rebecca Restrepo '15, Hisham Temmar '16, Katja Vassilev '15, Serena Wang '16, and Kiyoshi Yamamoto '18. Alternates: Hemza Assed '18, Alan Duong '15, Parker Hill '15, Andrew Jones '16, Akhil Kholwadwala '18, Roy Procell '15, and Julian Shelnutt '17.

High School: Nikita Bogdanov '12, Iliana Bray '13, Christian Cho '14, Minsuk Chun '12, Jeff Gao '12, Katherine Herrmann '12, Eric Li '14, Evan Liu '13, Dylan Purcell '13, Geelon So '13, Adarsh Vangala '12, Gus Wynn '13, Clay Wynn '14, Brian Wyss '12, and Tony Zhang '12. Alternates: Josh Carty '12, Chan Fritch '12, Anjik Ghosh '14, Keresa Howard '14, Jaimie Lin '14, and Eddie Lu '12.

A big "thank you" goes to all the students, parents, and faculty who coached or assisted the teams in other ways!

Click here to read Mr. Kintanar's description of the teams' day in Soccoro.

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