The 10-12 Division encourages the growth of independence and responsibility as students prepare for the challenges, rigors, responsibilities, and freedoms of college and adult life. Students select from a wide variety of course offerings, including intensive and focused research projects and challenging Advanced Placement courses.

Course work increasingly involves philosophical and analytical thought, and students in the 10-12 Division may elect to pursue independent study courses as part of their required course load. This generally occurs during the junior or senior year and usually involves a one-semester program of directed independent work. The Senior Project Program is the culminating learning experience of a student's years at Albuquerque Academy.

Learning to manage discretionary time is an important part of the 10-12 program. Students in 10-12 are permitted to be on their own on campus when they are not in class, at lunch, or in a study hall. Seniors in good standing may be granted privileges at the discretion of the dean of students and grade sponsor. Seniors with privileges may leave campus during unscheduled time and are excused from lunch on Fridays.

Leadership opportunities abound in the 10-12 Division. Students serve on the senate, the dean's council, and as class officers. They also serve on both the disciplinary board and the judicial hearing board. In addition, students in the 10-12 Division participate in numerous extracurricular activities and programs including athletics, speech and debate, theater, music, dance, and Science Olympiad.

Commitment to Service

The culminating Commitment to Service project asks students (individually or in small groups) to identify a local, national, or international community need which they are passionate about and utilize their skills, talents, and energy to address that issue. They must conceptualize and design a meaningful and practical service project during their sophomore year, implement the project during their junior year, and then reflect on the experience. The project is managed using an ePortfolio.

Coursework in Grades 10-12

Counseling and Human Development
Grade 10: Health Seminar 10

Elective (grades 11-12): Applied Psychology

Grade 10: English II
Grade 11: English III
Grade 12: English IV

Electives: English III/American Studies (grade 11), Creative Writing (grades 11-12), Creative Nonfiction, and Effective Speaking

Experiential Education
Grade 12: Senior Projects

Electives: Outdoor Leadership I, Outdoor Leadership II, Southwest Survival, and Whitewater Kayaking

Global Online Academy


Grade 10: World History since 1789
Grade 11: United States History, AP United States History, or United States History/English III
Grade 12: Senior Humanities

Electives: AP Art History, AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP Micro/Macro Economics, AP European History, AP United States Government and Politics, and AP World History

Grades 10-12: Geometry, Geometry/Algebra II, Algebra II/Trigonometry, or Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

Electives: Math Analysis I and II (grade 12), AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Enhanced Multivariable Calculus I, Enhanced Multivariable Calculus II, AP Statistics, and Logic and Probability (grades 11-12)

Performing Arts

Physical Education


Visual Arts

World Languages


In grades 8 through 12, advisers oversee a student’s academic progress, including:
  • Arranging parent-teacher meetings
  • Keeping the appropriate division head informed about pertinent information about an advisee
  • Periodically reviewing the advisee's attendance record
  • Communicating with the advisee and his or her family
  • Playing a critical role in the course selection process each spring
The adviser's interest is more than solely academic; it includes extracurricular and non-school activities, personal growth, and the development of short- and long-term goals. The adviser is the first person to call in the event of any difficulty involving a student. Parents and advisers are encouraged to communicate regularly.

In general, students in the 8-9 Division are assigned one of their classroom teachers as an adviser. In the 10-12 Division, each student selects an adviser. That person is typically a teacher or a coach with whom they have frequent contact.
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