Safety and Security

Our goal is to provide a safe campus for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors using highly visible, responsive patrols and building trust through positive interaction with the Albuquerque Academy community.
We are responsible for patrolling the campus buildings, grounds and parking lots, responding to calls, and providing assistance as needed. Monitoring pedestrian crossings and maintaining life safety systems. We use the following technology  to achieve our goals:

  • Card Access Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Emergency Broadcast Systems
  • Campus Emergency Phones
  • Updated Fire Alarm Systems
Calls to Security are heard and can be responded to by all officers on duty.
In the event of a campus emergency, call Campus Security. Security can provide time-saving assistance locating the building and room.

  • Call 911 from a cell phone and then call Security at (505) 828-3366
  • Call 9-911 from a campus phone and then (505) 828-3366 or press the red button on an emergency phone.
Security alternate number: 505-269-4896

If you see something, say something. We encourage individuals to contribute to campus safety and preparedness by becoming informed, staying alert, and using good judgment.
Albuquerque Academy is a private, coeducational, college preparatory day school serving middle school and high school students in grades 6 through 12, located in Albuquerque, NM.


6400 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109-3899
ph: 505-828-3200