Multicultural Parent Councils

As part of its commitment to creating a caring, inclusive, and just community, Albuquerque Academy is home to three Multicultural Parent Councils. The African American, Hispanic, and Native American Councils encourage, mentor, advocate for, and nurture students of color and their families.

The Councils are volunteer organizations, open to any interested parents. An integral part of the Academy community, the Councils are involved in the educational process through many activities, including creating library displays, recommending guest speakers, hosting cultural events, and promoting greater community understanding and respect for diverse views.

Parent Council leaders are committed to keeping Council members informed and to serving as resources for families unsure of where to go for a variety of information. Networking and making new friends are additional benefits of getting involved with the Councils.

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  • African American Parent Council

    Peter Hibbett, African American Chair
    (505) 717-2182
    The mission of the African American Parent Council is to encourage academic excellence and to enhance cultural awareness at Albuquerque Academy by supporting proactive recruitment, creative partnering, and successful retention of African American students, faculty, and staff.
  • Asian Parent Council

    Ann Bay, Co-Chair

    Marcella Stewart, Co-Chair
    The Asian Parent Council recognizes that identity affects the way in which Asians move through the world. This group will provide opportunities for the participants to reflect on shared Asian identities and experiences within the context of the Academy community. It will also provide an opportunity for individuals to connect, exchange resources, identify successes and challenges that impact our ability to engage with others. In addition, we seek to improve communication, relationships, and collaboration with a diverse group of people.

  • Hispanic Parent Council

    Peggy Valencia, Hispanic Chair
    (505) 980-4456
    The mission of the Hispanic Parent Council is to strengthen and enrich the overall Academy experience by cultivating cultural diversity within the community. The Council supports Hispanic students and families through mentoring, networking, and active participation in the Parent Advisory Councils; fostering, promiting, and encouraging ethnic diversity of faculty, staff, and students; educating the community about Hispanic culture; and demonstrating the value of diversity by promoting the achievements of Hispanic role models.
  • Native American Council

    Marcia Hunt, Native American Chair
    (505) 800-1425
    The mission of the Native American Parent Council is to represent the viewpoints of Native American parents and children in the Academy's learning community. The Council seeks to unite and advance a native voice, building bridges of learning with other acdemic and native communities. The Council also strives to attract more Native American students, advocate for hiring Native American facutly and staff, and support Native American students in their pursuit of academic achievement and community service.
The Multicultural Parent Councils participate in the following activities and presentations:
  • New Student and Family Welcome Gathering
  • Hispanic Heritage library display
  • Native American Heritage Month library display
  • Native American Fall Feast and Gathering with families and advisers
  • Support of Yearly Theme through booth or other activities
  • Cultural presentations
  • Winter holiday decorating of the dining halls
  • Holiday Gathering
  • Black History Month library display
  • Multicultural Summer Honors Program
  • Senior Honoring Celebrations
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