Global Languages Exchange Program

The Global Languages Exchange Program provide Albuquerque Academy students and their international counterparts with an authentic opportunity to live and study in a host country. These two- or three-week exchanges allow students in grades 6 through 12 to move beyond the passive observation (tourism) of a foreign culture to engage actively in the classroom, school, family, and community life of a host country.

As part of the Global Languages Program, partnerships have been established with schools in China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Ecuador. Over the past eight years, these partnerships have allowed dozens of Academy students studying French, German, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, or Japanese the opportunity to participate in authentic linguistic and cultural exchanges. Opportunities for those studying Portuguese are currently being negotiated.

Through these exchanges students gain profound experiential learning opportunities, deepening both their linguistic and cultural knowledge and understanding of a host country, and broadening their horizons as they embrace global citizenship.

Please call or e-mail Adda Tewolde (505-828-3272) with any questions about the Global Languages Exchange Program.

Visitations: School Year 2016-17

Japanese Exchange Students at Academy
October 1-24, 2016

German Exchange Students at Academy
October 6-16, 2016

Chihuahuan Exchange Students at Academy
February 2017

Chinese Exchange Students at Academy
February 2017

Ecuadoran Exchange Students at Academy
February 2017


Academy Students Travel to Guadalajara
Spring 2017

Academy Students Travel to France
Spring 2017

Academy Students Travel to China
Summer 2017

Academy Students Travel to Japan
Summer 2017

Academic Exchanges

Participation in a different geographical, educational, linguistic, or cultural setting can provide excellent opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. During a student's sophomore and junior years, opportunities exist for both domestic and international exchanges. Because seniors must be in residence at the Academy, they are not eligible for either domestic or international academic exchanges.

Domestic Exchange
Sophomores and juniors may spend up to a semester at another school that offers a unique program. Such programs are considered on an individual basis, and generally no more than two students are approved each year. Students interested in domestic exchange should talk to Christine Lenhart, dean of students, 10-12 Division.

International Exchange
Albuquerque Academy enjoys association with or membership in the American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers (ASSIST), School Year Abroad (SYA), the Council on Standards for International Educational travel (CSIET), the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP), Youth For Understanding (YFU), and Language and Friendship.

Students interested in study abroad, usually during their junior year, should talk to Cathy Lydon (505-828-3136), director of international exchanges, by October 30 of their sophomore year.

Global exchange participation

Albuquerque Academy strives to offer all students an opportunity to engage in global language exchanges. Participation can include one or more of the following activities:
  • Hosting a student from one of the partner schools
  • Serving as an academic host on campus for a student from one of the partner schools
  • Participating in a language exchange trip to a partner school/host country
  • Serving in a leadership role as a Global Language Exchange Ambassador (assisting the program director with one or more of the incoming exchanges)
  • Participating in one of the special classes or activities for a given exchange group on campus
  • Engaging in a special Common Time with partner exchange groups

About the Global Languages Exchange Program

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  • Ways to Particpate

    Host an Exchange Student
    This is a great opportunity to get to know a student from another country, and to have them become part of your family for two or three weeks. Discuss your interest with your family, and look at the information for Host Families on this website. With your parents or guardians, please fill out the online application to host.

    Be an Academic Host for an Exchange Student
    Students also have the opportunity to help an exchange student during the school day by choosing to be an academic host. The exchange student will attend many of your classes, and you will accompany him or her to lunch and common time, and help him or her find the way around campus. There will also be times when the exchange student will be busy with special classes or outings which are solely for the exchange group, and at the end of the school day, your exchange student will return to his or her host family.

    Travel to a Partner School
    Students interested in going on a particular global language exchange trip to one of the partner schools should follow the application process outlined below and become familiar with the "Funding Policies" (below).

    The school will organize exchange trips based on an expectation of a minimum participation of six students. If at any time, a planned exchange ends up with five or fewer participants, Albuquerque Academy reserves the right to make alternate arrangements (including, but not limited to: sending students to an established partner school without an accompanying chaperone, farming out the exchange through established tour companies, canceling the trip.) For every exchange, the goal will be to provide one chaperone for every six students, although this may vary depending on the particular nature of an exchange.
  • Funding Policies

    Up to this point, financial support commensurate with student’s financial assistance at the school has been provided for these exchanges. This is in line with the Academy’s mission to support access to all programs for students in the school. However, as global language exchange partnerships have expanded to include trips whose overall cost is higher, more strategic choices must be made to continue to deliver excellence across all programs.

    Therefore, students will be responsible for the entire cost of their air travel, public transportation costs, and hotel stays, if applicable. There are no costs associated with the homestays, except for the suggested host appreciation gift. There are also no costs for attending the partner school or for school-sponsored trips during the exchange.
  • Application Process

    Students interested in an exchange must complete and submit a Student Application, Language Teacher Recommendation Form, and Adviser Recommendation Form. Once selected students will fill out the Student Profile Form.
  • Student Selection

    Opportunities are limited to students who are currently enrolled in the language of the host school/country, and who meet the following criteria:
    • Strong academic performance and interest in the target language.
    • Preference will be given to students who make a commitment to continue to study the language for at least another year.
    • Student must be in good standing (no excessive absences, academic deficiencies, violations of major school policies, or repeated minor violations).
    • References attesting to the student's maturity and readiness for this type of academic and cultural exchange.
    • Overall academic standing at the Academy demonstrating the student’s ability to keep up with classwork that may have to be made up before or after the trip.
    • Grade level preferences will not be given.
    • The goal of this program is to learn the language of the country you are visiting, discover a new culture, and foster new relationships. We have found these objectives are better accomplished when Albuquerque Academy exchange students reciprocate and host a visiting exchange student. To this end, all Academy students who go on exchanges are expected to host a visiting student either before or after their trip, unless there are extenuating circumstances that would prevent a family from hosting. This reciprocation makes for a rewarding experience not just for students, but for the entire family.
    Students will be held accountable to the Academy's code of conduct and academic honesty.
  • Student/Family Orientation and Planning Meetings

    Once selected, students and their parents/guardians will be invited to several organizational meetings in the months preceding the exchange trip. Most exchanges are led by one or two faculty chaperones, determined by the size of the exchange. Orientation meetings will provide families with information about the exchange — including familiarization with the exchange program, discussion of the relevant documentation needed, and confirmation of trip dates and financial obligations. Families will learn about some of the particular cultural practices and beliefs of the host country, and have an opportunity to discuss program expectations.
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