At the core of Albuquerque Academy's mission is a belief in the fundamental importance of authentic learning and the need to help students use their knowledge to serve and contribute to the community and the world. The Community and Global Citizenship program at Albuquerque Academy provides a springboard for action, as students are required to integrate community service into their educational journeys. As students progress through the school, they are required to take a leadership role in matching community needs with their own interests and passions. Ideally, this groundwork will help them take initiative and empower them to become service leaders.

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6-7 Division
Students are introduced to the concept of service by participating in group projects throughout the school year organized by teachers which may include reading to elementary students, making enrichment toys for animals in captivity, aiding environmental initiatives on campus, and many others. Students also have the option of participating in the 6-7 Community Service Club, which is organized and run by 10-12 Division students. They meet once a month and do hands-on projects that benefit a local community in need.

8-9 Division
The goals in the 8-9 Division are to engage students in service to the campus community, and to have them learn about and partner with local non-profit agencies. They are required to do two hours on-campus service and two hours off-campus service with a local non-profit or community organization.

10-12 Division: Commitment to Service
The culminating Commitment to Service project asks students (individually or in small groups) to identify a local, national, or international community need which they are passionate about and utilize their skills, talents, and energy to address that issue. They must conceptualize and design a meaningful and practical service project during their sophomore year, implement the project during their junior year, and then reflect on the experience. The project is managed using an ePortfolio.

CONNECT Service Club
This Community Service club for grades 9-12 connects students with organizations, community needs, and volunteer projects. Each week they listen to relevant and engaging student or community speakers and presentations and also do hands-on projects to support local non-profit organizations.

Community Service Executive Board
This select group of 10-12th grade student leaders are dedicated to promoting volunteerism among their peers. They organizes service projects and recruit volunteers, as well as run the CONNECT club.

Service Recognition
Every year, a significant number of students embrace the concept of service and choose volunteer in their community far above and beyond their requirements. These students are recognized for their commitment through the Community Service Honor Society and Lettering programs.

List of 2 members.

"I think the largest benefit of community service is understanding the benefits of selfless actions to improve humanity, and being truly free to make that decision so that it is sincerely altruistic."—Ben Christiansen '14

"My Commitment to Service project was not a destination—it was a journey. In retrospect, I can see my development as an individual, leader, and community member strengthen and progress over the course of the past three years."—Rhiana Rivas '14
Fundraising Initiatives
The Fundraiser Application process helps the program manage requests for fundraisers on campus. Goals of the process are to:
  • Support student driven requests to organize fundraisers for community causes they are passionate about supporting.
  • Ensure that fundraisers are well planned, well intentioned, and provide an educational component in addition to financial support for local, national, or international non-profits.
  • Support a variety of organizations while keeping the quantity of fundraisers on campus to a reasonable level.
Guidelines include:
  • Each semester, one proposed fundraiser will be approved from the 8-9 Division and one from the 10-12 Divsion. 6-7 Division students must seek approval from the division head.
  • Applications must be completed by a current Academy student. If a parent, faculty, staff, or community member is interested in applying, they must find a student willing to sponsor the project, complete the application, and be the primary point of contact. Applications are available on the Community Service Canvas page.
For more information, e-mail or call Dara Johnson, Director, Community and Global Citizenship (828-3277).
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